Dental surgery is a branch of medicine devoted to the surgical treatment of the oral cavity, with scope far beyond tooth extraction. This specialty encompasses number of surgical procedures, including supporting treatments for dentistry, such as endodontics, periodontology, prosthetics, and, in recent years, implantology.

All the treatment is done in house, unless admission to hospital is required. Prior to all treatment specialist diagnostics and consultation is conducted. All our treatment is comfortable and absolutely pain-free thanks to local anaesthesia.

We offer the following range of medical procedures:
  • tooth extraction, includes impacted teeth and wisdom teeth
  • root apex resection
  • surgical treatment of cysts
  • tooth replantation and transplantation
  • surgical preparation of the oral cavity for prosthetic treatment
  • surgical treatment of paradontium diseases
  • treatment of odontogenic purulent inflammation of soft tissues
  • treatment of odontogenic inflammation of the maxillary sinus
  • surgical treatment of oro-antral fistulas
  • surgical treatment of supragingival tumors and proliferative changes in the oral cavity
  • supportive treatment for orthodontic treatment (lower lip frenectomy, denudation of impacted teeth)
  • treatment of salivary gland diseases (inflammation, abscess, calculosis)
  • maxillary joint treatment
  • neuralgic pain treatment
  • preventative treatment of mandibular fractures
  • hemisection (cutting off half of the tooth)
  • radectomy (cutting off of one root)

Dental surgery includes treatment of not only teeth and gums, but also the oral cavity and bone tissue of the jaw. Nowadays, with more advanced methods and instruments it is possible to treat even the most complicated tooth diseases.

One of the main procedures of dental surgery is extraction of teeth or their parts, especially wisdom teeth which can cause pain or bite problems. However, in our dental practice you will find a much wider offer of surgical procedures. These include treatment of salivary gland diseases, cysts, as well as removal of tumours in the oral cavity. Our maxillofacial surgeon can also take care of mandibular fractures and jawbone diseases. Dental surgery services thus supplement preventative treatment and prosthetic dentistry.


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When it is too late for preventive treatment, the tooth has to be removed. Extraction of a tooth may be recommended in the case of such common problems as a broken tooth, inflammation or advanced periodontal diseases. Our offer includes teeth extraction procedures. They are always carried out under anaesthesia and patients experience no pain or stress. Take a look at opinions of patients who visited our practice: Teeth extraction Wrocław. Come for a free consultation at the ‘’ dental practice.
Root resection is performed in the cases of serious periapical lesions, when a periapical infection cannot be treated in any other way. In this procedure, the root which is infected is removed (including the periapical lesion). The procedure is performed under anaesthesia and is completely painless. Come for a free consultation at the ‘’ dental practice.
Gum diseases are currently a major problem, affecting perhaps even more than 50% of society. If your gums bleed when you eat or brush your teeth, you should immediately see a dentist. Treatment of periodontal diseases is tailored to individual needs and requires a systematic approach from the patient. Come for a free consultation at the ‘’ dental practice.
Hemisection is a dental procedure involving removal of one or more roots of a tooth along with the corresponding crown area. The tooth is later reconstructed using prosthetic dentistry methods. Radectomy involves cutting off and removing just one root. Both procedures apply to teeth with multiple roots and are carried out under anaesthesia. Come for a free consultation at the ‘’ dental practice.