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Specialist dental practice in Wrocław offers preventive treatment, surgical procedures and free consultations. Thanks to the cutting edge equipment and, first and foremost, professional dentists we won trust of hundreds of patients from the Lower Silesia Region and other parts of the country.
At our dental practice you can visit an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. He performs procedures such as painless extraction of impacted wisdom teeth and placement of dental implants. Professional attitude and vast experience guarantee satisfaction of all of our patients.
Missing teeth can be a source of discomfort. It is understandable, as the effect is both unnatural and unaesthetic. With the help of oral implantology this problem can be solved. Implants are a permanent solution which guarantees high aesthetic value, reliability and durability. However, one should remember that placing an implant is a complicated procedure and should be performed only by experienced surgeons.
Dental practice '' offers treatment of caries without any stress or pain to both adults and children. The aim of preventive dentistry is to treat cavities and prevent dental caries. Visit our practice for a free consultation. We will check the condition of your teeth and, if necessary, suggest appropriate treatment.