Preventative dentistry is a branch of dentistry devoted to the prevention of the most common dental disease, dental caries, as well as treatment of all the resulting damage to the tooth structure. Endodontics is a critical dental specialty in this respect, specifically root canal treatment.

Our preventative dental treatment offer includes:

  • prevention (includes consultation and pain-free
    ultrasound dental deposit removal and dental sandblasting),
  • treatment of tooth tissues (light-hardening fillings),
  • root canal treatment,
  • prosthetic treatment,
  • cosmetic dentistry (professional teeth cleaning, teeth bleaching,
    using both in-clinic and home use methods).

We all want our teeth to stay healthy and beautiful. This can be achieved with the help of preventative dentistry. It has been estimated that over 90% of Polish adults have caries, but most of them are unaware of that. If neglected, this disease can lead to very serious health problems, requiring long and expensive treatment. Is it better then to visit the dentist regularly, in order to treat dental caries effectively, as soon as it appears.

Preventative dentistry involves various kinds of treatment, suitable for different ailments. Regular dental check-ups should be a part of one’s dental hygiene, just as everyday brushing. With new technologies and equipment, dental treatment can now be completely painless. Damaged tissue can be repaired with durable fillings that look entirely natural. More complicated cases usually require root canal treatment.

Preventative dentistry also includes cosmetic dentistry services, such as professional teeth cleaning or bleaching. If you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth, this offer is just for you. Thanks to modern treatment methods and cutting-edge dental instruments, healthier, whiter teeth are now within your reach.


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Dental diseases can lead even to tooth loss. The aim of prosthetic dentistry is to reconstruct or replace teeth using methods such as crowns, bridges or dental implants. Modern prosthetic solutions allow to achieve an effect which is as close to natural teeth as possible and which guarantees full comfort. Dental practice offers all kinds of prosthetic dentistry services.
Dental caries is one of the most common health problems in the world. It leads to destruction of the tissues of a tooth. Preventive treatment services available at our practice include procedures that prevent and treat cavities. We also offer light-cured composite fillings. If tooth decay is advanced, root canal treatment under anaesthesia is performed. Make an appointment and come for professional preventive treatment.
Cosmetic dentistry includes various procedures aimed at improving the appearance of teeth. These are, for example, dental prosthetics, professional teeth whitening or scaling, that is removing calculus deposits. At our practice you can choose from all these methods that will make your teeth look flawless. Make an appointment today and find out how cosmetic dentistry can help you improve your appearance and self-esteem.