A safe and modern method of fixing replacement teeth. Durable and solid implants to improve your comfort and convenience.


A complete range of oral surgery procedures. Professional, high quality tools and the best experts in dentistry.


Prevention and treatment of dental caries. We use highest quality materials, so that your teeth are healthy and your smile beautiful.


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What are
dental implants?

Dental implants are used to mount prosthesis which replace missing teeth. A fixture made of titanium is positioned into the jawbone to support a crown, a bridge or a denture.

An advantage of implants is that they look and feel very natural, like your own teeth, and ensure improved comfort. The fixture integrates with the bone quickly and provides stable support for replacement teeth or dentures.

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Please note: Entrance is on
Walecznych street, up the stairs.

Dental practice located in the centre of Wrocław offers a wide range of dental treatments, including dental surgery, preventive treatment and insertion of dental implants. You are welcome to register for a free consultation. Don't wait, make an appointment for a free dental check-up today. Our experienced doctors have already won recognition from hundreds of patients in the Lower Silesia region.
Endodontics - our dental practice offers endodontic treatment. The procedure is completely painless, always carried out under anaesthesia. Root canal therapy involves cleaning the inside of the tooth, removing bacteria and the pulp tissue, disinfecting the root canals and filling them. Everyone is invited to register for a free endodontic consultation at our practice, at Bolesława Prusa 71 in Wrocław.
Dental implants are a modern way of replacing missing teeth. Now everyone can have a beautiful smile. At our practice you can visit an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for a free consultation or dental implant placement. Our practice is located in the centre of Wrocław, at the intersection of streets Walecznych and Bolesława Prusa. Don't wait, make an appointment today.
Doctor of Medicine Józef Andrzej Komorski, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, sees patients on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Doctor Komorski performs a wide range of dental procedures, including extraction of wisdom teeth, treatment of cysts, treatment of periodontal diseases, as well as replantation and transplantation of teeth. You are welcome to register for a free surgical consultation.
Looking for a dentist in the city centre, in a convenient location and with free parking space? Dental practice offers a wide array of specialist services: not only standard dental treatment, but also oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures such as placement of dental implants, hemisection, radectomy, and surgical treatment of periodontal diseases. Cosmetic dentistry is also among our services.
Scaling is a dental procedure also available at our practice. The aim of the procedure is to remove calculus deposits. Calculus build-up has a negative impact on gums and leads to exposure of dental roots. Scaling is performed to prevent that from happening. The procedure takes about 15-30 minutes. Make an appointment for a free dental consultation at our practice.